World Cup 2019 Cricket Championship Will Show Off Love for Cricket

The world cup cricket is going to be played in England in 2019 and is going to be hosted by England and Wales together. The ICC World cup cricket that is going to be played on 2019 will be the 12th such competition and it is slotted to start from 30th May, 2019. The tournament hosts had applied for hosting earlier in 2006 and were offered hosting right for the tournament that would have been played in 2015. Later they were requested to withdraw from hosting in 2015 and offered the hosting rights for 2019. You can find the next ICC tournament to be exciting as all the members are going to compete. The players will be efficient and professional and the teams just the best.

Teams for the tournament

The last world cup was won by the Australians and you would like to know who laughs the last laugh in 2019! The piala dunia 2018  will find 10 teams for the tournament. Previously the tournament had more teams but it is decided to make the tournament smaller in size. The host’s team of England will qualify as they are hosting the game. There will be the 7 topmost One day International teams that have highest ICC ranks. The rankings that will be considered are of 6 months earlier from the time of the tournament.

Teams from the qualifying match

The teams of countries that play test matches in the cricket world will be eligible to play the tournament. The 2 special teams who are most successful members will also be eligible to play the ICC world cup cricket. England and the 7 other nations will bring the team numbers to 8 and the rest 2 teams or nation will be decided by some qualifying matches in 2018 in Bangladesh. The ones who will play the qualifying matches will be the 4 teams who are not among the top 7 One Day International teams. There will be 4 more teams from the Cricket World League Championships.

Format for the matches

The format in which the teams will play often varies as per the tournament and the rules. The reduced team for the next ICC tournament makes it simple for arranging the format of playing the qualifying matches. The central group of 10 member countries will all play each of the other teams to qualify for the next round. There will be 45 games of cricket before the finals are announced. This tournament will not have any quarter finals but the 4 teams will directly be selected for the semi-finals. 2 teams will go for the finals and the winner will hold the cherished cup for the winners or champions.

Favorites and cricket emotions

The world cricket champions are Australia and therefore they are a favorite for many cricket lovers. There are other favorite countries like South Africa and India. The hosting country of England is not that popular and they are the 4th favorite of the mass. The teams that are from the test playing countries are favored more. The teams that are a favorite today may change its position. The piala dunia 2019 will bring a lot of excitement, argument, controversies, favorites, charming matches and above all a pure love for Cricket.

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